Workbench Desks

The workbench is the beloved workstation where all the technical magic takes form. Many different workbench styles and designs have morphed and evolved to adapt to different industry needs and offer better support. The design and dimension of the desk are different depending on the intensity of the work, whether you need storage, and need for electrical power to support the operations. We have gathered a consensus of different workbench desks, including some adjustable workbenches you will find at E-Systems Group.

Types of workbench desks

Workbench table

The table is the most straightforward desk because it has an ordinary tabletop for versatile uses. This table style has little to no storage space and may often have just one shelf below the surface. Workbench tables are necessary for many tasks because of the simple design and a flat top to hold many different items.

Workbench desks with a cabinet

The ergonomic assembly desks have a flat top surface and a cabinet with ample storage for many handy tools. Most people appreciate the storage because of the added convenience to store and access their most necessary tools at any time. Typically, these assembly tables have metal structures and surfaces to hold all the different tools while maintaining their integrity.

Portable workbench

These desks are portable and may have different designs and styles to fit through doors and different work environments. Generally, the desk is small and sturdy, with strong legs to support a range of tasks.

Wall-mounted workbench

The wall-mounted workbench is small to fit into small spaces. You can adjust the desk's height to your most comfortable position, so you can work on the surface or hang and access your preferred work tools.

Most important features of the technical assembly desks and tables

  • Height – A standard range of the workbench desk is between 33-36 inches. It is better to get an adjustable workbench from us, so you can move it up and down to match your height or allow better convenience for the work in hand.
  • Width – The workbench surface can be as small as two feet wide or ten feet wide to accommodate different needs. Some people buy more than a tiny desk to compensate for the small width of a smaller workbench.
  • Strength – The secret to any workbench is to choose materials and structures that will accommodate your intended work. All our desks have sturdy and straightforward joinery, as well as screws or systems to offer the most vital foundation possible.
  • Storage – The more extensive storage accommodates more supplies, tools, and fasteners. We can customize your desk to include as much or as little storage as necessary to keep in all the handy tools you need throughout your work.
  • Electrical power – Proper lighting makes the difference in whether you can use the desk to work at night. Other times, you need the light to illuminate small details on your project and ensure safety and productivity.

We have several different types of customized workbench tables with some or all of the above features. Compare our different workbench desks. Call us (800-432-1337) or contact us online to get a custom solution specifically made for your needs.

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